vendredi 6 décembre 2013

How to exploit music for creative marketing purpose

How to exploit music for creative marketing purpose?

Nowadays, Marketing is part of everybody's life. Each day, we see thousands of logos, brands, advertising campaigns, slogans and so on. Furthermore, we can now be part of huge breadth brand’s commercial as you can see an example in the video below. Marketers tended to listen to consumer’s needs, from now, they tend to create those needs by increasing the attractiveness of their product trough creative marketing. Product or brand development can thus be extremely fast thanks to the creativity and uniqueness of marketing campaigns chosen. Creative marketing can have a worldwide impact thanks to social media (Social networks such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and so on).

                From marketers’ standpoint, it is necessary to select a clear or an inductive message that will fit to the customers’ way of thinking, feeling or acting. Therefore, creative ranges from specific event offering unique experience to customers to relevant advertising campaign which will be memorable for consumers. How could it be possible to increase memorability or likeability of a product/brand? After analyzing many articles and studies dealing with creative marketing, it appeared that “simplicity” is the main criteria of enhancing customers’ view on the product marketed.

Here comes music in creative marketing. Indeed, we see that music is increasingly used in marketer’s advertising or marketing communications.  Companies marketing’s budget varied depending on economic environment but still remain quite important (at least 20% of a company’s total revenue). Visual campaigns must be eye-catching to catch customers’ attention. Short commercial with inductive or explicit message and relevant music will have a huge impact compared with classic ways of advertising through simply radio advertisements or confusing event. As a result, audience well-targeted will be delighted by viewing such a creative marketing campaign. Another way is to break taboos through your advertising by making people aware of social issues or not-spoken subject. By so doing, a brand will become iconic because it will show to everybody as it actually is not less not much. Public is seeking extraordinary feelings in order to fulfill their life expectations: people want to live not to exist. Customers pleased will be far more loyal than confused ones.
                Here comes music touch. Music can add a serious craziness into a creative marketing campaign. In short, you will see in the video that when the orchestra is going to change its melody, male sitting in the theater will be much more attentive. Music can create as many feelings as visual campaign or even more. Both linked will transmit passion to viewers and onlookers. If you make it to personalize your message, people will be even more pleased and extraordinary happy just thanks to your creative marketing campaign. Whatever well-known anthems or melodies or original ones, music will always spicy up the commercial and customers’ experience. Synergies can thus be created by reinforcing linkages between brands and consumers. Emotional brands for example are typically trying to pinpoint those linkages: they actually made it! Brand can decide to create their own song integrated into their advertising campaign, if it turns out to be really efficient, people will obviously remind easily the message and lyrics of this song. Many relevant creative marketing campaigns used this kind of advertisement. They gained lots of fans and new consumers just by being more creative and original than competitors.

                In a nutshell, creative marketing and music can deliverer extremely relevant content in order to implement an attractive process of customer’s prospecting. Passion, originality, craziness, relevancy and simplicity are as many components as incentives in order to skyrocket a usual creative marketing campaign to an extraordinary one.

As a future marketer and passionated by music, I lead a project as electronic music producer searching for some labels to sign with.